Presentation Tips

If you require assistance preparing you home, we recommend using a stylist, services range from a simple "fluff & tidy" to full "make overs". Please contact us or your agent to discuss your options. We wish you well with the sale of your property and welcome the opportunity to further assist you.

Preparing Your Property for Photographs

By following this 'tip sheet' you will be able maximise the results of your photo shoot and present your property to the market looking its' best. Photos, especially on the Internet become a 24hr "Open Home", so presenting your home as you would for an open viewing allows you to get the full benefit of our services.

Houses are photographed as presented.


  • Presentation-Tips-OutdoorsRemove Agent Signs from front: hoses, mowers, brooms, mops, etc.
  • Mow lawns, remove dead palm fronds from ground and palms
  • Remove creepy crawly from the pool and remove leaves
  • Remove/tidy; bikes, toys, pool toys
  • Remove washing from clothes line
  • Put wheelie bin away & of sight
  • Remove cars from site/driveways
  • Do not wash decks or driveways unless there is plenty of time for it to dry.


  • Presentation-Tips-KitchenRemove all items/magnets from fridge
  • Clear benches, appliances & personal items
  • Remove dish racks, washers, detergents, tea towels
  • Remove tissue boxes, papers
  • Remove bins and floor mats, from site
  • Neatly presented flowers and fruit are always welcome

Living Areas

  • Presentation-Tips-Living-AreasRemove all personal items
  • Remove pedestal fans
  • Remove lounge covers & table cloths, unless item underneath is damaged
  • Turn the TV off


  • Presentation-Tips-BathroomRemove all product, toothbrushes, razors, hair dryers etc. from benches, baths & showers
  • Remove all personal items
  • Neatly arrange towels
  • Remove tissue boxes
  • Remove bins
  • Remove floor mats hanging from shower alcoves
  • Toilet seat down


  • Presentation-Tips-BedroomsMake beds – Crumbled linen will show, flat and straight will give the best result
  • Tidy belongings
  • Minimise clutter

Twilight Shoot

Presentation-Tips-Twilight-ShootIf you are investing in a Twilight Shoot there are a few extra things you should do:

  • Please make sure all lights are working inside and out.
  • On evening of shoot - Turn on all lights and lamps inside and out including: Pool, Drive Way, Verandas, Foyer, Bedroom lamps, etc...

If you would like to print these tips, please: