Value Shoot

Regardless of the value of your home it deserves professional images. Be impressed with the comprehensive range of images your receive, suitable for your marketing needs.

Approx 30-60 minutes is spend on site and the property is photographed as presented. Please visit our presentation tips page.

STANDARD - average suburban family homes on a single level, apartments, units and residential land (generally homes under 500k fit this catagory) $200
SUPER - Large expansive homes, executive homes, Penthouse, homes with additional living such as granny flats, multi story and acreage homes (generally homes over 500k fit this catagory) $250

"We work on a fair and resonable basis, if your unsure which category your home fits into please call us for an appraisal"

  • Want to know how you can make your home look great for a photo shoot?
    Check out our Presentation Tips.